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Gallery of Pictures

Here is a day in the life of the Hong Kong Ladies Market through pictures. See the stalls being set up and first customers arriving early in the morning.

These photographs in the gallery show the real side of Ladies Market, not just what you see later in the day when it is all crowded with tourists but the actual street and how what sort of stalls there are.


ladies-market.hk-001 ladies-market.hk-002 ladies-market.hk-003 ladies-market.hk-004 ladies-market.hk-005
ladies-market.hk-006 ladies-market.hk-007 ladies-market.hk-008 ladies-market.hk-009 ladies-market.hk-010
ladies-market.hk-011 ladies-market.hk-012 ladies-market.hk-013 ladies-market.hk-014 ladies-market.hk-015


ladies-market.hk-016 ladies-market.hk-017 ladies-market.hk-018 ladies-market.hk-019 ladies-market.hk-020
ladies-market.hk-021 ladies-market.hk-022 ladies-market.hk-023 ladies-market.hk-024 ladies-market.hk-025
ladies-market.hk-026 ladies-market.hk-027 ladies-market.hk-028 ladies-market.hk-029 ladies-market.hk-030



ladies-market.hk-031 ladies-market.hk-032 ladies-market.hk-033 ladies-market.hk-034 ladies-market.hk-035
ladies-market.hk-036 ladies-market.hk-037 ladies-market.hk-038 ladies-market.hk-039 ladies-market.hk-040
ladies-market.hk-041 ladies-market.hk-042 ladies-market.hk-043 ladies-market.hk-044 ladies-market.hk-045