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Shopping in Ladies Market

Whether you come to Ladies Market in Mong Kok to browse or to buy, for yourself or for the folks back home, don't forget that there are two major parts to the market. 

Street Stalls

First and most obvious are the street stalls which line both sides of the street and turn it effectively into a pedestrian precinct even when officially cars are allowed.

Officially it should be possible to drive down this street before 4pm on week days and before noon on weekends and public holidays. 

These street stalls are the most obvious part of the market and where a lot of the low cost items and excellent deals are to be found.

Do remember though that even though these look like "stalls" the vendors are regular residents on these locations and are not hawkers. As such you should not expect to haggle or bargain on typical purchases.

That doesn't mean you can't ask for a discount if you're buying 10 or something or just feel the price is a little above your budget, but the stall holder is entirely within their rights to not offer a reduction. Unlike stalls in some markets the prices in Hong Kong Ladies Market are, while not exactly fixed, not pre-inflated to allow massive bargaining.


The second area are the shops themselves that line the street and also offer a great range of items, but at a slightly higher scale.
These shops are very varied and include those which seem to be little more than a market stall in a shop, to those which are full fledged boutiques.

Higher rents paid but shop owners do force them to entertain a higher level of business which may mean higher prices, but also bigger choices and facilities. You won't find a changing room in a market stall for example, but full service boutiques will have this.

Online Store

Want to buy things on sale in Ladies' Market but can't get there in person?  Try the Ladies' Market Online Store to shop in comfort from your home.  Visit our online store

Ladies Shopping on Hong Kong Island

Can't get to Ladies Market in Mongkok? Hong Kong Island does have some small ladies shopping choices, check out Stanley Market, The Lanes in Central, and the closest to a miniature Ladies Market on the Island side is Jardine's Crescent.



While often visited for the view the visitor should not forget that The Market encompasses a wide range of shopping and eating choices. Mongkok is well known for snack food and as well as budget choices.


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