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Mongkok is a mixture of commercial and residential area.  You will often find shops at ground floor and offices or residential units above.  Despite its English name "Mong Kok", the locals called it "Wong Kok" which means popular, prosperous corner.

Mongkok is a very busy and densely populated area.  Maybe that's why it has so many shops and has so many markets nearby.

In early 2000, the Urban Renewal Authority of HK started a project to upgrade and modernised a big area in Mongkok to provide a central business and commercial area in Mongkok.  The Langham Place was opened in 2004.  It consists of over 50 storey office tower, 15 levels shopping mall and a hotel.





While often visited for the view the visitor should not forget that The Market encompasses a wide range of shopping and eating choices. Mongkok is well known for snack food and as well as budget choices.


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